Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Legacy of Floyd Virginia - The 'way we were' 25 years ago

Citizens Coop
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Citizens Telephone Coop was celebrating 75 years in business when they made this  video as a tribute to  the people of Floyd County Virginia in (1989). This video is very interesting and is definitely worth a viewing for history buffs. Most of us don't want to see Floyd change to much in the future but looking back  25 years some change took place.  You may see yourself in the video if you lived lived in Floyd during 1989.

Our LCF Group was in business during 1989 as 'Brookfield Christmas Tree Farms'.   It is interesting to see part of Citizens Coop  located on one of our old Christmas Tree farms. We still own the old Christmas tree farm next to Citizens Coop - take a look  when you go by and those big White Pines in back of Citizens Coop and see the  farm we call  'The Olde Christmas Tree VIllage'.

This year Citizens Coop is celebrating "100 Years in Business"  - We all  look forward to this special year for Citizens.

The Legacy of Floyd County 1989 by Citizens Coop
"Thank you Citizens Coop for allowing me to post this video"

Please leave a comment on the  blog about any interesting experiences you may have had  in Floyd County during 1989.

David Larsen
David Larsen
 I plan to write about some of our Christmas tree adventures -  in the late 70's we  pioneered  the Direct shipping of Christmas trees to our customers in a  box by UPS. We have been  in business here in Floyd for 46 years - it seems like time just a few years ago we planted that first Christmas tree - time does 'Fly by' in a hurry.

"by David Larsen"  KK4WW Computer Collector Historian   

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