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Floyd Raceway and Floyd County Virginia's Curtis Turner

Floyd County Virginia had an active Raceway or Race track in the 50's & 60's just outside the town limits.  I have included some information about Curtis Turner (born in Floyd County April 12, 1924). Curtis is considered by many to be the best NASCAR driver of all time.

I have not found much information about the Floyd Raceway on the internet --- if you have any photos or information you would like to share please contact me.

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David Larsen KK4WW
Floyd Virginia Raceway 
The Floyd Raceway in full operation October 1956. Sure wish it was in operation now.  I know that some here in the county want to restore the raceway and make it into a museum destination. That is a great idea -- hope it can be done in the future.

The Raceway is located on private property owned by Hollingsworth & Vose and is not available to the public.

To see map and current aerial view

Floyd Virginia Race tract
Floyd Virginia Race Tract
Floyd Raceway in operation.

Floyd Raceway today. Photo by ---

Brian Katen, landscape architecture program

chair and associate professor of landscape

architecture, has documented more than 150

current and past Virginia speedway sites.

Curtis Turner , David larsen
Curtis Turner
Curtis Turner - Floyd Virginia's famous race car driver. He was born in Floyd County April 12, 1924 and died October 4,1970.

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Curtis Turner Story 
Curtis Turner Story

This was a great program here in Floyd October, 2013.  The movie shown at the event "Hay Pops" the Curtis Turner story was just great. Margaret Sue Turner Wright presented the program and told many interesting stories about her dad.

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Floyd Speedway Poster
Floyd Speedway Poster

Here is a poster of  real action racing in Floyd Virginia.

David larsen
David Larsen

This has been a fun blog to write.

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  1. Thanks for the information on the Speedway. I have a few of the posters and was wondering when they were from.