Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chantilly Farm busy with projects - The new dog "Bark Park"

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Camping doggies using the Bark Park
We are always adding to Chantilly Farm for events, festivals, weddings and the campground.  Just finished a dog run for campers to allow the dogs to run loose.  Bark Park is the name of our dog run area however we do hope that it does not create a lot of barking as it is real close to the RV campground. I was going by yesterday and some campers were using the Bark Park with a  couple of beautiful tiny dogs chasing a ball around the park.

Ed and Aleno building "Bark Park"

We can thank our Chantilly craftsmen Ed and Aleno for their skill in building the park. They did a fantastic job the dogs already love the "Bark Park".

Ed and Aleno have just finished a pedestrian bridge across the little stream to the new hiking trails "B" and "C" near campground B and the RV area.   The new trails are fantastic and I will talk about them in the next blog. It will not be long and Ed and Aleno will be mowing the 40 acres of beautiful grass fields at Chantilly Farm. Their are many projects in progress at Chantilly Farm - Paul Sullivan leading new Bike Trail building effort- Terri and Camelia are decorating the interior of the Chantilly Country Store.

Chantilly Farm forest areas are just great for "Forest Bathing" and we will be writing about this in near future.

Our first big festival is just around the corner - The Chantilly Bluegrass and BBQ festival May 26-28.

"by David Larsen"   Having fun at Chantilly Farm.

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