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Solar Kiln at St. Pierre Woodworking , Floyd, Virginia

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David Larsen, Bill St. Pierre
Bill & his New England style Shop 
St. Pierre Woodworking is on a beautiful mountain top location in Floyd County, Virginia and operated by Bill St. Pierre. Bill has been developing his business on this property for 12 years.  He started with a cabinet shop and now has a full range of equipment that allows him to start with logs or reclaimed wood from old buildings and do all the processes from start to finish.

Bill's own description of his woodworking business. Here you can find furniture hand crafted in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia. I enjoy creating quality, custom furniture with the finest materials through precise techniques and craftsmanship. Browse around at my work, I'd love to add a lifetime of beauty in your home with a custom piece just for you. Call Bill for your next custom wood project at 540.797.3496

St. Pierre Woodworking
Virginia Tech Solar Kiln 

St. Pierre Woodworking has 2 kilns Solar & Electric.

The Virginia Tech style solar kiln is used to dry the larger 2" slabs 

Wood Drying Solar Kiln plans
Virginia tech Solar Kiln Publication 420-030

St. Pierre Woodworking
Virginia Tech Solar Kiln 

Front side of solar kiln with big insulated doors - large pieces can be dried in this kiln.

Bill St. Pierre Describes his Solar Kiln

St. Pierre Woodworking
Nyle kiln 

The Nyle kiln is used mostly to dry lumber and to sterilize the reclaimed lumber.

Controller for Nyle kiln

Controller for Nyle kiln. This kiln uses electric heat for drying.

St. Pierre Woodworking
Timber King 2000 sawmill.

Bill has 2 sawmills this one is the Timber King 2000 .

Air drying shed

Large air drying shed for logs, reclaimed wood or sawed lumber.

st. Pierre Woodworking
Large Oak burl 

A large burl from Oak tree. This will make a  beautiful custom table.

                                         A video of BillSt Pierre Woodworking Making a
                                         spiral Wooden Leg  - this video  has over 800,000
                                         views.  Woodworkers love this.

St. Pierre Woodworking
large selection of slab wood

You can also choose from a large selection of slabs and reclaimed wood. Showroom has slabs cut from many different types of wood.

St. Pierre woodworking
View of Buffalo Mt from St.Pierre Shop

This is the view from the St. Pierre property - That is Buffalo Mountain in the background about 25 miles from shop. Buffalo Mountain is the highest point in Floyd County, Virginia at 4000 feet.

David Larsen

We are pleased to work with Bill St. Pierre Woodworking. Bill shop is only a few miles from our Chantilly Farm and Bill brings one of his sawmills to some of our events at the farm.
."by David Larsen"  KK4WW Computer Collector Historian   

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