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How to build an audience for your YouTube videos - Three easy to use ideas - lesson #1

Here are a few easy ways for videographers just "learning the ropes" to get more views on your YouTube channel . I see lots of videos that do not use these easy to use effective ideas.

These ideas are to be used when uploading a video or can be edited into the video information already posted to your channel. These are a few easy to use ideas -- their are hundreds of additional ways to make improve your videos or editing the your video.

When you upload a video you have the opportunity to add a lot of information for the benefit of the audience and to enhance the SEO or results of a Google search.  .
Read the blog first then take a look at my training video How to Increase your YouTube Audience

1. A good title for the video.

2. A good description.

3. Put meaningful key words into the tag area.

1.  A good title.
The first words of the title are most important as the audience and an on line search will see this first and make some fast decisions to view your video or move on to a new video. The title can be much longer than you may think - I checked and it can be up to about 80 characters.  Use a title with good key words that really tell what the video is about and you can add the less important things at the end to help convince to take a look. I am not suggesting titles be long -- only if the message is really good. Use words related exactly to the topic of the video.  Their are some generic words  that are good - 'How to ----'  all viewers are looking for how to do about anything. You can see the example in the video  on this blog - You can probably do better than I.

2. A good description.
I am really surprised how many people just leave this blank or have almost nothing listed . At the very least repeat the title here - maybe use a few sentences with key words relating to the subject of your video. The description is also used by the search engines and over time they will find all the contents. The description can be very long and loaded with good information and useful links. I also like to put a link in my videos to "subscribe to my channel" this helps build you subscriber list by making it easy.

The first 3 lines of your description are very important because these lines show up when you go to a video & most people read them and then decide if they want to look at the video.  Also the first 3 lines will most likely determine if the viewer "CLICKS" on the 'show more' . When going to 'show more' the viewer will see the entire description. I find it best most of the time to repeat the title on the first line of the description and with a short title you may want add to it with information that will help get the audience to watch the video.

One more idea is to use line 2 or 3 as a link to your web site or a site you would like to have the viewer go to. This should be relate to the topic of the video or you will lose the audience.   The link can go to any site on the web and it will open in a new window. The direct link will only work it you use the full address - that is you must use the http/www.domainname.extention without the http:// the www.websiteaddress will not work. example this will take folks directly to my video channel  . See example in the video.

Use the description area to give more background about the video or other ideas or links for the audience to find more related information - try to keep to the subject of your video.  You can put surprising amount of information in the description.

Review - the first 3 lines of the description are very important - here is suggest use. Remember these lines are always showing when viewing a video and can have a big influence on the viewers actions.

line 1.   Use title of video here
line 2.   good short description of video content
line 3.   continue good description or a link to your webb site

3. Use meaningful key words in the tag area.
These are very important words are for indexing & used by the search engine to find your site. I would use 8 to 12 words here. Make sure they are important words that your would use to relate to the subject of the video. You may want to test them in key word test software to see how much they are used or how well would work. Do not leave this area blank-- do your best to put in meaningful words that relate directly to the subject of your video. You can use multiple words --- it is best to use "" like this  "Apple Computer" .

These ideas are generally entered when uploading your video however existing videos can easily be edited by going into the edit mode when logged into your YouTube channel. 

David G Larsen
David G Larsen
This a short lesson #1 to help new videographers  get more views on their channel and also a help to get more people looking at your video when searching for the subject of your  video. This is only a start but I am surprised how many videos I see without  a good  title and no description. Good luck and do your best. I will do my next video on how to get more subscribers to your channel.

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